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Simon Lighting School was born with the purpose of being an icon in the education, both theoretical and practical, within the illumination sector.

The appearance of the new Energy Efficiency Regulation in Outdoor Lighting, the implication of light in the every day life, the importance of aesthetics and the continuous application of new technologies, converts it in an avant-garde sector. A continuous and dynamic environmental change that demands its professionals a constant update of technical knowledge, as well as a more and more global perspective in the conception of new projects.

Declaration of Intent
The purpose of our professional lighting school is to transmit the knowledge of light and its applications, not only in the approach of a technical illumination project, but also in choosing the best solution in each case or in the appropriate installation exploitation.

For this, we believe it is indispensable to add to the basic theory, a variety of practical experiences, which will illustrate and clarify the solutions adopted in each situation.

Experience and Quality Warranty
In Simon Lighting we are highly prepared to take this project forward with the utmost confidence. In almost a century of existence, our company has made a long way in the innovation of lighting products, working together with different agents that participate in the life cycle of an installation.

Moreover, the attendants will participate in lectures with universities, official schools, trades and professional associations, with a high degree of satisfaction and assistance.

Quality Methodology
The program designed for these courses, consists on an in situ training, with access to a lighting laboratory that allows us to know all tests made to the different fittings. We also propose the possibility of practicing with the best products of a leading company, through guided visits to real installations, with the objective of analysing at place, problems and solutions.

The subjects proposed cover from the Illumination Principles, indoor and outdoor, to the realisation of global lighting projects and last trends.

The participants that successfully pass the courses will receive a Training Certificate endorsed by SIMON, as a leading company in the innovation and development of electrical material products. 

A highly specialised training
Simon Lighting School is specially addressed to all professionals involved in the development of a Lighting Project, from its conception to its execution and exploitation.

This is, thus, an essential learning opportunity for Architects, Engineers, Project Engineering Technicians, Urban experts, landscape professionals, Indoor experts, Technicians working in installation or maintenance lighting companies, as well as Technicians working in electrical material wholesalers.



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