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  • Data protection

    " We inform you that in compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 , of December 13 , Protection of Personal Data , the data you provide through the forms on our website , will be incorporated into a SIMON file under the responsibility of SIMONLIGHTING SAU. in order to manage your requests, provide the best personalized service and promptly inform any developments relating to our products and services. When you voluntarily provide their data expressly consent their treatment by SIMON LIGHTING SAU. as well as the transfer of data to other companies SIMON * Group solely to fulfill the above purposes can exercise their rights of access, rectification , cancellation and opposition by written request to the following email address : marketing@simonlighting.es "

  • Moreover , according to the Organic Law cited above and the LSSI ( Society Services Act of Information and Electronic Commerce ) of June 13, 2002 , you have a right of access to that information in the terms established by the Act. To delete or modify your personal data, please contact us by e -mail at the following address : marketing@simonlighting.es



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